Lip Tie/Tongue Tie Release

 Having trouble nursing? Is your baby experiencing reflux, gassy tummy, chronic fussiness?

Bring in your infant or child for evaluation of a tied lip or tied tongue.  The positioning of the tongue makes an incredible impact on a infants ability to successfully latch.  A non-successful latch can be frustrating for both baby and mom.  Dr. Atwood uses laser technology to easily release a tie.  This quick and easy procedure can be life changing for both mom and baby.


Signs that your infant might be lip or tongue tied:

  • Weight loss or inadequate weight gain
  • Clicking sounds during nursing (caused by poor suction)
  • Colic or irritability
  • Gas and/or reflux
  • Arching away from breast while nursing
  • Sleeping during feeding (tired from difficult nursing)
  • Spilling or leaking of milk due to ineffective seal
  • Frequent feedings 
  • Biting or chewing during nursing
  • Choking, coughing or gulping during nursing

Tongue tie/lip tie effects on mother:

  • Nipple pain or damage (cracks or erosions)
  • Low milk supply
  • Mastitis
  • Pinched, creased or bruised nipples after feedings
  • Plugged milk ducts