Cosmetic Dentistry

Creating Your Best Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry in Spanish Fork

Close up portrait of a beautiful young african american woman smiling and looking upEnjoying a healthy and radiant smile is priceless when it comes to your quality of life and overall well-being. At South Valley Dental Care, we provide cosmetic dentistry designed to enhance what you love about your smile and address what you don’t. Dr. Richard Atwood, Dr. Mike Strong, and Dr. Mike Atwood proudly provide services that combine safe treatment and advanced technology to help you achieve your most stunning smile.

Our Spanish Fork dental team is here to help you receive effective and reliable care, no matter the complexity of your needs. Whether you’re looking for quick enhancements or need a full smile makeover, we are your one-stop-shop for comprehensive cosmetic dentistry. We serve individuals and their families throughout Spanish Fork, Salem, Payson, Springville, and Santaquin. Contact South Valley Dental Care to schedule your personalized consultation today!


Our Available Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Our skilled dentists are proud to provide many ways for you and our loved ones to achieve the smiles you’ve always wanted. We make sure our solutions use the latest advances in dental technology and techniques to deliver exceptional care you can trust.

Our cosmetic dentistry treatments include:

What is Invisalign?

Are you looking for a way to straighten your teeth without traditional braces full of metal brackets and wires? If so, Invisalign clear aligners could be your ideal solution! The Invisalign system uses a series of virtually invisible plastic trays designed to fit your unique smile. Unlike traditional braces, your aligners have no wires or brackets and are removable. This means there are no changes to your diet, lifestyle, or oral hygiene routine while undergoing treatment.

How Does Invisalign Work?

woman putting on invisalign clear bracesInvisalign works by applying gentle pressure on your teeth, allowing for more comfortable and effective treatment. This is possible with your carefully designed aligners. Each tray is crafted to fit your specific smile, which means each tooth is targeted and straightened into ideal positioning.

Your aligners are changed about every two weeks as you graduate throughout treatment. This helps make sure your treatment goes as planned, allowing for beautiful and predictable results. Because Invisalign trays are removable, we only recommend it to responsible teens and adults who are more likely to wear their clear braces for 22 hours a day.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth are strong, but the surface layer of each tooth, known as the enamel, is porous. This means it’s easier for dental staining to form when you consume dark foods and drinks. Foods such as dark berries and tomato sauces, and beverages such as red wine, tea, and coffee, contain pigments of color that build up on your enamel. This pesky buildup leads to tooth discoloration. Professional teeth whitening uses powerful whitening solutions designed to lift years’ worth of staining from your smile safely and effectively.

Comprehensive Teeth Whitening with Glo™ Science

At South Valley Dental Care, we provide several options to brighten your smile the way you want, when you want! We use the power of Glo™ Science. This professional solution is designed to penetrate past your enamel and break-up the pigments that cause discoloration. Glo is also formulated to combat tooth sensitivity while whitening and is gluten-free and vegan!

Our teeth whitening options include:

woman using Glo Science whiteningIn-office: You relax comfortably in the dental chair while our team applies the whitening gel to the surfaces of your teeth. Treatment takes about 90 minutes, and you can typically see results immediately. We apply the Glo solution in four, eight-minute sessions using a glowing mouthpiece for ideal and even whitening. The mouthpiece contains an LED light combined with a copper wire to create a gentle warming heat that activates the whitening gel.

Take-home kits: This form of whitening you can take home in a customizable and convenient kit. It also uses an LED-lit mouthpiece connected to copper wire to create a comfortable and warming glow. The wire is attached to a unit that times your whitening sessions for every eight minutes.

You apply the solution to your custom-fitted trays, which are designed to fit your smile perfectly. Take-home whitening takes about ten to fourteen days to work, but you have the convenience of whitening your smile at your own pace and on your time.

What are Veneers & How Can They Improve My Smile?

Veneers are thin yet durable shells of porcelain. When placed correctly over the surfaces of your teeth, they work to improve your smile's overall appearance. With veneers, you can enhance the color, shape, size, and length of your teeth.

Veneers can also address multiple aesthetic and functional issues at once. The seven most common can include:

  1. Severely stained teeth
  2. Worn-down or short-looking teeth
  3. Cracked, chipped, and damaged teeth
  4. Weak teeth
  5. Uneven or irregularly shaped teeth
  6. Noticeable gaps in between teeth
  7. Mild misalignment

Will My Veneers Look Natural?

Dental veneers are so popular because of their ability to look beautiful and natural. Our dentists conduct detailed consultations to ensure your veneers match your desired tooth shape, shade, and appearance. We also analyze your natural features extensively. This includes documenting your skin tone, hair and eye color, and how your lips move when you speak and smile.

Transformative Care with Smile Makeovers

Man with a perfect white smileA smile makeover is a truly comprehensive way to achieve the healthy, functional, and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re unhappy with your smile or have multiple issues you’d like addressed, our dentists can help with a complete smile makeover.

We use advanced technology and treatments to provide you with a smile that is truly your own. The smile makeover process consists of designing and visualizing your new, complete, and ideal smile. Sometimes, this can include only correcting a few imperfections and other times; it can mean full rehabilitation.

A smile makeover procedure can involve several or many different treatments. After a detailed consultation, our dentists work closely with you to design a treatment plan that aligns with your unique needs and goals. Whatever your needs for a smile makeover, this treatment can completely restore your dental appeal and oral health.

Using Amalgam-Free Materials for Aesthetic Restoration

Gold and amalgam (metal) fillings were once popular and reliable choices for repairing damaged teeth in the past. These materials also have traces of mercury, a sometimes-toxic substance known to irritate the gums and other soft tissues when exposed to temperature changes.

Our aesthetic restorations, such as composite fillings and porcelain crowns, inlays, and onlays, do not include amalgam. This means they do not consist of any metal or traces of mercury. Instead, we use natural-looking and body-safe materials that offer beautiful and safe treatment.

White, Composite Fillings

Our tooth-colored fillings are ideal for repairing small chips or cracks in your enamel discreetly. We also use fillings to fill in the tiny, exposed spaces of enamel missing after decay removal. Composite materials are pliable and bond easily with natural enamel. We use fillings to repair any tooth in your smile, making for quick, reliable, and convenient treatment.

CEREC Crowns for Same-Day Treatment

3d render of Dental crown and toothA Severely damaged or decayed tooth often requires a crown to restore it to its natural health and strength. At South Valley Dental Care, we provide beautiful crowns using our in-house CEREC technology. We can deliver you with a lifelike restoration the same day without compromising the quality of treatment! This is especially useful if you need a crown because of a recent dental injury or emergency.

CEREC crowns strongly resemble natural teeth and can last for up to 15 years with proper care. The quality porcelain used for our crowns can endure years of wear and tear while also preserving your appearance. CEREC allows us to provide prompt and reliable treatment when you need it most. These same-day crowns also eliminate the need for a temporary restoration, making it easier for you to receive the care you need.

Renewing Your Smile After Tooth Loss with Dental Implants

Dental implants consist of titanium posts that serve as missing tooth roots when surgically placed into your jaw. The titanium used for your implant(s) is accepted by the body and fuse naturally with living tissues and bone. This fusing process is called osseointegration, and it allows your implants to become a permanent part of your jaw and provide a secure foundation for your implant restoration.

At South Valley Dental Care, we provide dental implant placement and complete restoration. No matter how many teeth are missing, we can help you achieve a full, functional, and beautiful smile once more!

Beautiful & Lasting Implant-Supported Restorations

Our implant restorations are designed to provide you with a renewed smile. Each is made from beautiful and lasting materials that are entirely safe for the body. Our available implant-supported restorations include:

Dental Lasers for Better Looking Gums & Symmetry

woman showing healthy gumsIn both gum contouring and crown lengthening, we use dental laser technology to remove small amounts of gum tissue. Gum contouring is a popular cosmetic treatment for addressing a “gummy smile.” This happens when the gum tissues appear more prominent to your teeth, creating an uneven overall appearance. We can reshape uneven or excess gums using our safe, gentle, and sterile dental laser.

Crown lengthening involves removing excess gum tissue to expose more of your tooth’s natural structure. While this can improve your smile’s appearance, it’s more commonly used to make room on your tooth for a prosthetic, such as a porcelain veneer or a dental crown.

Keeping Gums Healthy with Professional Treatment

Beautiful and lasting smiles cannot exist without a strong foundation of excellent oral and gum health. Sometimes, this means treating your gums for infection and disease. Our dentists perform periodontal deep cleanings, known as scaling and root planing to remove toxic plaque and tartar buildup from above and below the gum line.

To ensure we keep your gums beautiful and healthy after care, we also provide maintenance treatment. This includes thorough cleanings scheduled every three or more months, depending on your level of past gum disease.

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You deserve to enjoy a smile that’s worthy of highlighting your natural beauty and unique personality. We are committed to your Spanish Fork community and provide care throughout Salem, Payson, Springville, and Santaquin. Contact South Valley Dental Care to find out how our cosmetic dentistry services can make you smile with full confidence again!